Keep Your Social Media Tight

Aug 9, 2018

Make Them Steal Your Phone to Steal Your Account

Two-factor authentication is the best thing you can do to have a secure social media account. With two-factor authentication, your phone number becomes a part of your login credentials. When you sign in with your username and password, a message is sent to your phone in order to confirm that you are the one logging in. A hacker would not only need your login information but also your phone to breach your account. Turn on two-factor in Twitter or Snapchat using “login verification” and Facebook or Instagram using “two-factor authentication”.

You Don’t Know Me… Do You?

Social engineering is when a cyber criminal uses deception with the use information from your social media in order to manipulate you into revealing private information. Similar to advertising companies marketing deals to users who may like their brand’s page, hackers customize their profile and cyber attacks based on the information that you make available about yourself. Be careful about what post on social media. Do not post sensitive information about your location, passwords, or bank. Criminals will use it to target you.


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Are You a Public or Private Person?

One of the key ways to increase security of a social media account is keeping it private. It gives you the ability to allow or deny users from viewing or messaging it. By limiting what people have access to, you limit the ways that cyber criminals can target or hack your account.

Be Careful About What You Send

News flash! The Internet is not 100% secure (like you don’t know this already). So, THINK TWICE ABOUT WHAT YOU POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA. All information on social media goes into cyberspace forever and can be accessed in the future by your friends, significant other, or boss. I know what you are thinking… “but I use Snapchat!” Even Snapchat allows screenshots on posts that you upload. A modern practice from companies looking to hire applicants is to view their social media history. So be careful about what you post.